His Face My Heart!
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His Face My Heart!

His Face My Heart!

by Annette Dunlap on 02/23/14

When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek


Welcome to my website and thank you for joining me in my blog,  His Face –My Heart! 
My name is Annette Dunlap, author of Fatherless, the compelling story of how God snatched me from insurmountable life experiences, using an indomitable spirit of worship and praise that He had instilled in me from childhood.


This blog, His Face – My Heart! was given to me directly from God. Its inspiration is Psalm 27. This entire psalm is so much my sentiment that it’s almost as if I could have written this myself. And if not, I have certainly lived it!  Verse 8 for me is a powerful expression and part of the way God brought about my deliverance. His face is His will and my heart is His to use as He pleases.


Part of the inspiration for my book, Fatherless was the awesome way that God placed the remedy for all of my troubles within me from the day I was born. Like the fictional Oz character Dorothy, the power to solve her biggest problem was in her ruby slippers, on her own feet, the entire time she was searching for a solution. Or like the real life biblical character Moses, when he didn’t know what to do, God revealed to him that the power to deliver his people, a staff, was already in his hand.


As a child, before any of my sufferings began, God had already placed an anointed love for praise and worship deep inside me. I didn’t realize it at first, but as I began to experience the dejections and unimaginable pangs of life, God simply stirred up the gift that was within me and used it to give me the victory.


Yes, the power to be delivered was inside me all the time, but I was allowing things on the outside of me to keep me bound. The biggest problem was God getting me to see it and seek His face. What about you? Are drugs, sex, alcohol, impossible relationships, or worse, being used by the enemy to keep you looking for deliverance in all the wrong places? 

Let’s talk: maybe God has deposited something in you already that can bring you out. In my darkest hour God said to me: “Seek ye my face”. He wanted me to desire what He wanted for me. I wanted what I thought was best for me. When I finally accessed the gift within me, my heart learned to say, “Thy face, Lord, will I seek”.


I love the Lord and I’m excited about the opportunity to share with you the things that are on my heart and mind. I am also eager to hear what’s on your mind and respond to how God is dealing with your spirit.


Let’s laugh together, weep together, and share our experiences, favorite scripture passages and testimonies. This is our place to pour out our hearts to one another as we seek His face and discover how amazing our God can be.


I will return here as often as I can to interact with you, pray with you, as we help one another to discover those special blessings that are already inside of us, waiting to be unlocked, explored and enjoyed in Jesus’ name!


I’m waiting to hear from you. What’s on YOUR mind?